Related projects

DiverIMPACTS will set up a close collaboration with Horizon 2020 project addressing similar challenges, including

Diverfarming - Crop diversification and low-input farming across Europe: from practitioners engagement and ecosystems services to increased revenues and chain organisation
Topic identifyer RUR-06-2016

DIVERSify - Designing InnoVative plant teams for Ecosystem Resilience and agricultural Sustainability
Topic identifyer SFS-02-2016

ReMIX -Redesigning European cropping systems based on species MIXtures
Topic identifyer SFS-02-2016

SURE-Farm - Towards SUstainable and REsilient EU FARMing systems
Topic identifier SFS-31-2016

LEGVALUE - Fostering sustainable legume-based farming systems and agri-feed and food chains in the EU
Topic identifyer SFS-26-2016

TRUE - Transition paths to sustainable legume based systems in Europe
Topic identifyer SFS-26-2016

IWMPRAISE - Integrated Weed Management: PRActical Implementation and Solutions for Europe
Topic identifyer SFS-06-2016