Publications from DiverIMPACTS

The publications from DiverIMPACTS are stored on and announced on the homepage of the DiverIMPACTS website.

Guidelines for uploads on

Plesae find belwo g uidelines for DiverIMPACTS uploads on,  an open-access repository developed under the European OpenAIRE program. 

  • If you are new to Zenodo, please sign up.
  • Upload your publication or dataset using the "Upload" link.
  • Under “Communities”, type and select the project community (DiverIMPACTS -
  • Fill out the basic information required.
  • Fill out the DOI field if a DOI has already been assigned to your upload, else leave the DOI field empty and a Zenodo DOI will automatically be created.
  • You may include keywords to facilitate the search of your contribution.
  • Define the access right to your presentation (open or restricted, i.e., upon request).
  • Under “Funding”, specify the grant which has funded your research (European Commission, DiverIMPACTS (727482)).


Helga Willer, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL