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ASR - Associazione Sviluppo Rurale, Italy

ASR works to enhance the socio-economic development of rural and mountainous areas by improving the sustainability and competitiveness of farmers and rural entrepreneurs. Through promoting the access to agro-food innovation and advanced technologies, it gained a relevant experience on the maximization of agro-food processing machines working with renewable energy sources and being capable of producing high-quality agro-food products. Due to its experience, ASR will be able to involve farmers in the area of Ascoli Piceno (Marche region) for the implementation of the case study planned in the project. Moreover, thanks to its experience in disseminating information, ASR will contribute to the realisation of the communication activities foreseen by DiverIMPACT. ASR will also contribute to the creation of agri-environmental policy recommendations to foster increased crop diversification.

Role in the project

ASR is involved in task 2.1 in the creation and monitoring of the learning-for-innovation platform. It is also planning case study activities (task 2.2) and their data collection in task 6.4. Furthermore, it supports the partners in the analysis of agri-environmental policy instruments at different levels (task 6.5) and the project’s dissemination activities (task 7.2).

Key persons involved

  • Laura Ridolfi
  • Luciano Lauteri
  • Maria Grazia Proietti
  • Alfredo Virgili