Webinar: Insight into actors' worldviews on crop diversification experiences across Europe

Within the mainstream socio-technical landscape of European farming systems, farmers experience crop diversification often in association with other actors like manufacturers, retailers, consumers. In DiverIMPACTS, we aim to document and understand the diversity and the complexity of these past or present experiences.

After an extensive quantitative on-line survey, partners in DiverIMPACTS conducted in-depth interviews with main actors of a selected number of crop diversification experiences. In this webinar we will present both (i) the original analytical approach based on qualitative data coding and cognitive mapping development, and (ii) the results of our research, highlighting key concepts of actors' worldviews, success factors or failure, drivers and barriers within pathways to crop diversification.

During the webinar, we will illustrate the mapping process based on participants' worldviews on crop diversification around questions of drivers and barriers linked to their own experiences, cases studies or knowledge.

Further information

Date and time: Wednesday January 22 2020, 10:30 AM - 11:30 PM (CET)