Webinar: Suppliers as catalyst of crop diversification: a look from within

Private supply company are usually perceived as barriers to changing of agronomic practices for sustainability. In fact, they could be the driving force ... Let's seen how Walagri changes its organisation to rise this goal !

On February 14, Olivier Roiseux from Walagri presents Suppliers as catalyst of crop diversification: a look from within. The webinar is of interest to those who want to understand why an input supplier feels the need for crop diversification and what it takes to change business concepts for this purpose.

Olivier Roiseux is In charge of R&D – Innovation in Walagri SA and case study leader of DiverIMPACTS Case study 17 Grain legumes intercropping with cereals. 

The DiverIMPACTS webinar series is a platform to present and exchange practical information about the DiverIMPACTS project and its results, with a focus on the DiverIMPACTS case studies. It is held monthly and is open to anyone interested.

Further information

Date and time: Thursday February 14, 2019 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM CET

Link to webinar recording: