Work package 5: From lock-ins to innovations and value chain redesign

Work package 5 aims to deepen the analysis of drivers of crop diversification by mobilising the multi-level perspective theory, illustrating lock-in, path-dependency and transition pathways.

The outcomes of existing studies on lock-in effects and transition pathways will be used to accompany the case studies in their analysis of specific barriers.

An in-depth analysis of coordination modes between the actors involved in a supply chain and/or a territory will be carried out to identify possible strategies to remove bottlenecks/barriers and/or promote enablers, at the farm level (technology, skills, knowledge) and/or the value chain (logistics, contract arrangements, added value sharing, market development).

Organisation and contract schemes with downstream value chain actors will be developed in order to support the development of innovative value chains.

Consumers’ willingness-to-pay for products resulting from crop diversification will be analysed across several Member States.


  • Philippe Baret, UCL, Work package leader
  • Stephan Marette, INRAE, Work package co-leader