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LWK - Chamber of Agriculture Lower Saxony, Germany

LWK is a public body active in advisory service, education service, and advanced research in agriculture, horticulture and forestry. The Department of Sustainable Land Use, Rural Development, PMO and GIS is responsible for all sustainable land use related topics, e.g. rural development, emission assessment, fertilizers on land, nutrient cycles, and the protection of climate, biodiversity, nature, water and soil. It is responsible for all questions of fertilizing, organic fertilizer management and the official state agency on reporting of organic fertilizers. LWK is involved in several multiactor- and multistakeholder-processes and communication. LWK conducts field trials in water protection on special research fields in lower Saxony with a wide range of trials on organic fertilizers, different crops, e.g. cereals, rapeseed, corn, grass, potatoes, sugar beets and horticultural plants e.g. asparagus.

Role in the project

LWK is leader of the experiment 2 in the field experiments in order to improve the water quality in catchment basins, and it is responible for the case study “Crop diversification to improve water quality in catchment basin".

Key persons involved

  • Hauke Ahnemann
  • Rainer Mennen
  • Marcus Pollaschegg
  • Dr. Frank Schmädeke