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WUR-PAGV - Wageningen University & Research, Applied Arable and Vegetable Research, The Netherlands

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) is a collaboration between two legal entities, the Wageningen University and the Wageningen Research foundation. The latter consists of a number of specialized institutes for strategic and applied research in the domain of agriculture, food and environment. PAGV (applied arable and vegetable research) is a business unit of the Wageningen Research foundation. PAGV conducts research through co-innovations with partners from different agricultural sectors, science, industry and government. The teams of PAGV involved in DiverIMPACTS are specialized in farming systems research, soil management, farm mechanisation, farm and food chain economy, co-innovation and multi-actor processes.

PAGV is managing or involved in various programs and projects related to the topic of mixed cropping in time and space. PAGV is managing a range of field experiments related to intercropping in time and space. Moreover, PAGV is closely working with farmers who are experimenting with several aspects of mixed cropping systems including the development of mechanisation.

Role in the project

Wageningen University & Research, Business unit PAGV (applied arable and vegetable research) is task leader in work package 2 and 5, is a field experiment leader and partner in work package 3 and partner in work package 4, 6 and 7.

Key persons involved

  • Ir. Wijnand Sukkel, Leader task 5.2
  • Ir. Fogelina Cuperus
  • Ir. Wim van Dijk
  • Ir. Jorieke Potters
  • Ir. Daniel de Jong, Leader task 2.1