Third party of ACTA: ITB - Sugar Beet Technical Institute, France

ITB is a non-profit inter professional association of the French sugar beet industry, funded 50% by the sugar industry and 50% by the growers. It was created in 1944. Governance is done by its administrative council which includes  representatives of the French sugar industry union (SNFS), of Tereos sugar production cooperative,  and representatives of national grower’s union (CGB).  
The aim of the ITB is to help progress the sugar beet cultivation techniques in order to increase its economic performances and to facilitate its industrial use, with the concern to improve its impact on the environment. ITB expertise covers genetic and varieties, crop management, soil tillage, pests and diseases management, mechanical and chemical weeding techniques, harvest equipment, piles conservation. ITB is involved in many multi partners projects, with scientific research organisations (INRAE, IRSTEA), technical institutes (ARVALIS, Terres Inovia) and different French and Belgian universities. ITB is member of the International Institute for Sugar beet Research.

Role in project 

ITB will be third party of ACTA, in WP2, WP3, and WP7. ITB is in charge of one case study “Introduction of innovative crops (hemp, alfa-alfa, energetic crops) and of legumes to foster the sustainability of arable systems under oceanic climate".

Key persons involved

  • Rémy Duval
  • Leslie Gauthier