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BioForum - BioForum Vlaanderen, Belgium

BioForum Vlaanderen ( is the Flemish umbrella and member organization for the organic sector. BioForum plays an important role in the Flemish Organic Knowledge & Research Network and coordinates seven organic farmers’ networks (participatory networks of farmers, researchers, technical advisors and the supply chain). They are considered an interlocutor for sector-related legislations and policies. The organisation is an active member of Ifoam EU ( and the Ifoam farmers Group.

Role in the project

In this project, BioForum ensures that the farmers’ needs are addressed. BioForum and Inagro will work together in two casestudies where they act as a case study leader /monitor.BioForum coordinates and facilitates the farmers’ networks approach in the case studies and communicates the results to the entire organic sector (work packages 2, 6 and 7). BioForum will bring possible outcomes of policy recommendations to a national and European level.

Key persons involved

  • An Jamart 
  • Paul Verbeke 
  • Lieve Vercauteren 
  • Tom Wouters