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WUR-FSE - Wageningen University & Research, Farming Systems Ecology Group, The Netherlands

Wageningen University (WU) is a leading life science university in Europe focusing on research and education in sustainable food production, health and quality of life. WU is part of the Wageningen University and Research centre, comprising 5,000 employees and hosting 9,000 students from over 100 countries. WU is active within the domain of healthy food & living environment, and comprises five departments. The focus of the chair group Farming Systems Ecology is on the transformability of agro-ecosystems, based on the analysis, evaluation and design of low external input cropping and farming systems. The group uses quantitative systems approaches including models in combination with participatory methodologies (co-innovation), which are being developed in various interdisciplinary European and developing country projects.

Role in the project

The Farming Systems Ecology group within the Plant Science department will lead work package 2 and contribute to case study analysis in other WPs.

Key persons involved

  • Dr. Walter A.H. Rossing, Leader work package 2
  • Dr. Dirk F. van Apeldoorn