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FIRAB - Fondazione Italiana per la Ricerca in Agricoltura Biologica e Biodinamica, Italy

FIRAB was set up in 2007 by organic and biodynamic farmers’ organisations as well as environmental and trade union associations. FIRAB promotes applied research in low-input farming through a participatory approach, including through farmer-to-farmer exchanges. The Foundation operates technical and scientific dissemination. At European and international levels, FIRAB cooperates with scientific and civil society organizations involved in research governance, policy analysis, food and agriculture scenarios, land issues, and agroecological models of production.

Role in the project

FIRAB will mainly act as the co-leader of work package 2 and as case study leader.

Key persons involved:

  • Luca Colombo, Co-leader work package 2, leader task 2.2
  • Giovanni Dara Guccione
  • Patrizia Desideri
  • Tiziano Gomiero