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Crop diversification cluster: First meeting of the Working Group on Multi-criteria Assessment and Sustainability Indicators (MCA & SI cluster WG)

On 15 March 2019, the Working Group on Multi-criteria Assessment and Sustainability met for the first time in Rome. The working group facilitates contacts and interaction among scientists working on multi-criteria assessment and sustainability indicators in the crop diversification cluster, which is made up of six H2020 projects.

The meeting served as an opportunity for the members to get to know each other, exchange and learn about what the others are working on. Four of the projects in the crop diversification cluster are conducting multi-criteria assessments and/or developing sustainability indicators: DiverIMPACTS, DIVERFARMING, LEGVALUE and TRUE. At the meeting, each project was presented as well as specific activities they are working on concerning multi-criteria assessments and sustainability indicators.

Other topics of discussion included:

  • Differences and similarities among projects
  • Methodological issues (i.e. alignment of indicators, spatial interpolation of indicators)
  • How to implement synergies among projects?
  • How to exploit the cluster activities?
  • Next steps and action plan

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