DiverIMPACTS project dissemination

An important aspect of the DiverIMPACTS project is dissemination of the work done and the results achieved. As such, the project makes use of a wide range of dissemination tools to create a DiverIMPACTS community, promote awareness of crop diversification solutions, and ensure access to and uptake of information, materials and results.
Screenshot of the DiverIMPACTS website homepage

DiverIMPACTS website homepage

DiverIMPACTS is a multi-actor project, which aims to engage a broad spectrum of stakeholders in order to achieve the full potential of diversification. Disseminating information about the work that is being done and the results that have been achieved is therefore a priority for the project.

In order to do so effectively, we have developed a dissemination plan, which outlines how we will implement a broad spectrum of dissemination tools and instruments. We have already built the project website, which provides detailed information about various aspects of the project. It also includes frequent news updates and displays our Twitter feed. In addition to Twitter, DiverIMPACTS also has a project Facebook page. Relevant project documents have also been made available on Zenodo, a repository for EU-funded research projects. We have already uploaded the project flyer, project poster and more.

Throughout the project, we will continue to produce publications about the results in the general press, as well as specialized farmer’s press. As the project progresses, we will also produce videos, factsheets, and policy briefs about the case studies, field experiments, results and more. A special focus will be put on the easily understandable practice abstracts in the Common EIP-AGRI* format in order to enable wide uptake among practitioners, to make the research visible to the target groups, and facilitate information sharing in the EU agricultural knowledge and information system (AKIS).

*EIP-AGRI was launched as part of the European Union's strategy 'Europe 2020' for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, and "works to foster competitive and sustainable farming and forestry that 'achieves more and better from less'".