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Increasing exchanges between farmers to enhance crop diversification: New practice abstract

Grain farmers are generally disengaged in crop diversification and dairy farmers heavily rely on imported soybean.

One solution to improving both farm systems sustainability is promoting exchanges between them.

DiverIMPACTS partners from APCA - French Chambers of Agriculture, France have published the latest practice abstract explaining how increasing exchanges between farmers can enhance crop diversification. Authors Emmanuel Mérot, Maurice Miara, and Jérémy Berthomier, studied 11 exchanges between grain and livestock farmers to see if sustainability (in  economic,  social  and  environmental dimensions) showed improvements.

Results are in, and both arable and livestock farm systems sustainability dimensions improved! Moreover, in 8 out of 11 cases, these exchanges helped to enhance crop diversification. Livestock farmers can use protein crops produced by local grain farmers, thus offering a local outlet for enhancing crop diversification in arable systems.

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