Italian field day on strip cropping and DiverIMPACTS case study 22

On June 16th, 2019, the Associazione Sviluppo Rurale (ASR) in cooperation with the farm Coste del Sole organized a field day in Staffolo (Ancona, Marche region, Italy).

Pizza and bread makers, restaurant owners and other interested local actors joined the event, which aimed at providing and sharing knowledge on sustainable agricultural practices and products and on their value for the local and regional markets. Paolo Mucci, ASR's project manager, explained the value and effects of the environmentally friendlily techniques carried out by the farmer within and outside the framework of DiveriMPACTS. The experience developed by Coste del Sole with strip cropping was presented with specific reference to case study 22, which is run by ASR. The information shared was about the crops used to test strip cropping (4 strips in total; 2 strips cultivated with turnip/chickpea and 2 with wheat), the desired effects and the aim to partner with local actors on sustainable agricultural practices (see poster below).

With a walk across the fields the participants had the opportunities to see the crops and to learn about some transformation processes. The field day positively contributed to enhancing the value of sustainable local crops in the pilot area and to laying the foundation for further cooperation. 


Laura Ridolfi, case study 22 monitor