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New DiverIMPACTS video about crop grazing with sheep

The video shows how crop grazing with sheep can be a win-win solution, benefiting both sheep farmers and arable farmers.

Sheep grazing in Corbais, Belgium. Photo: Claude and Daniel Henricot

This video provides an overview of case study 4, which focuses on cash crops grazed through innovative win-win partnership between two professional categories, which previously did not have any relationships: sheep farmers and arable farmers.

For sheep farmers, it is an opportunity to support the development of sheep production with a new, quality forage. For arable farmers, the practice could have numerous advantages, including improved soil fertility, reduced pressure from pests, non-mechanical destruction of cash crops, incorporation of organic matter, and a better image of arable farmers.

Link Catch Crop grazing with sheep: a win-win collaboration between crop and livestock farmers