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New video available: case study 15 – UK Hodmedod’s

Diverse wide rotation, intercrops and supplying lentils to Hodmedod’s - A case study with UK arable farmer. Andy Howard, shares his insights and expertise in intercropping – the benefits, risks and payoffs.

Thumbnail from DiverIMPACTS - Case Study 15: Hodmedod's, UK video

The projects latest video 'DiverIMPACTS - Case Study 15: Hodmedod's, UK' is now available on the YouTube Channel. Andy, the Director of Bockhanger Farm Ltd, shared his insights and expertise in intercropping – the benefits, risks and payoffs, as well as his relationship with Hodmedod’s, DiverIMPACTS project and sister crop diversification project, DIVERSify.

Andy Howard, arms 300 hectares of arable ground, where intercropping trials have been of particular interest to his diverse and wide 9 crop rotation which includes the following intercrops –

  • Oats and Beans
  • Pea’s and Oil Seed Rape
  • Lentils and Linseed
  • Linseed and Oats

One of the main barriers Andy has come across with Intercropping is the market access for mixed crops making sure he can get access to separation facilities system, selling a mixed crop can be advantageous to mixed farming systems where you can grow mixed and sell for feed but the market for human consumption of mixed crops is still low as separated is preferred. With this in mind the farm built their own separator to allow for flexibility. 

As well as working with the DiverIMPACTS as Case study 15, and DIVERSify projects Andy has been working with Hodmedod's– a small UK but growing independent business working with farmers to source and produce a range of pulses and grains. A market Andy has sold his lentils grown as part of his intercrops on farm to. To learn more about Andys' experiences check out the case study video linked below, on YouTube and subscribe to the DiverIMPACTS channel. 

If you would like to hear more about intercropping join Agricology’s virtual field day: Crop mixtures on 11th of August 2020 5:30pm - 7:00pm. For more information on the event and to register follow the links below. 

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