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New video: conservation agriculture in the DiverIMPACTS project

In the video, case study 12 participants in Wallonia explain their work using conservation agriculture.

Screenshot Organic Conservation Agriculture video

In Wallonia, organic and soil conservation farmers are working together to reduce both pesticide use and the use of tillage. By taking advantage of the benefits of organic and conservation practices, these farmers seek to amplify ecological processes in their soils and crops so that they benefit in return from ecosystem services that are conducive to production, the environment and society as a whole. To move more safely and quickly in this direction, these farmers are also working with advisors from GREENOTEC and CRA-W researchers. The members of case study 12 - the "ABC group" - explain in a few words the value of working in a group and what its common horizon is: agriculture without tillage or pesticides.


YouTube: Organic Conservation Agriculture in the DiverIMPACTS Project