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Silage sorghum, an alternative to silage maize: New practice abstract

Project partners from Maike Krauss from FiBL and Laurens van Run from Wageningen University & Research have published a practice abstract on how silage sorghum can act as a good alternative to silage maize.

Forage production of silage maize becomes increasingly challenging due to soil quality degradation, increasing pressure of diseases and pests, legal limitations in N and P-fertilization rate, higher chances of drought and excessive water due to climate change. Silage sorghums deeper roots allow for a better drought tolerance and soil carbon increase. Silage sorghum tolerates less fertiliser and is less susceptible to pests and diseases than maize. Growing forage crops with varying drought stress tolerance in parallel increases resilience to weather extremes.

In this practice abstract, practical recommendations in regards to sowing, management, harvest and the most important things to know are provided. It also provides further link to videos and readings in German and Dutch. 


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