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Field trials in Switzerland. Photo: FiBL

Work package 3: Quantification of the benefits from diversified cropping systems through field experiments

Work package 3 has set up a network of field experiments (FEs) that will assess crop diversification impacts and test combination of intercropping, multiple cropping and crop rotation. A network of already existing or planned field experiments is being used to

  1. demonstrate field benefits of different strategies (rotation, intercropping and multiple cropping) with different species under a range of diverse soil and climatic conditions in Europe and
  2. test new temporal and spatial arrangement of species and management (low input practices including machinery), to better achieve expected benefits both for farmers and for the requirements of value chains.

A series of measurements, including yield (per ha and per year, Land-Equivalent Ratio), use of resources (light, water, nutrients) input use (fertilisers, pesticides, energy, water), weed, pest and diseases pressure, soil fertility and biodiversity, is being carried out following common protocols to allow benchmarking. The continuation of the network of experiments will be considered.


  • Prof. Dr. Guénaëlle Corre-Hellou, ESA, Work package leader
  • Prof. Dr. Erik Steen Jensen, SLU, Work package co-leader