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AIDER - Agricultură Integrată Durabilă Economic Rentabilă, Romania

The farmers’ association Agricultură Integrată Durabilă Economic Rentabilă (AIDER) aims at promoting integrated farming systems. To this end, it enables initiatives to encourage the dialogue between stakeholders, experimentation and extension of innovative practices from sustainable, economically viable integrated agriculture.

Role in the project

With the Romanian case study, AIDER is an involved partner in work package 2, aiming at promoting diversification of conventional short rotations with pure crops. Located on three representative Romanian territories, AIDER is responsible for the establishment, implementation and reporting of the case studies. AIDER will be the link between on-farm diversification and upstream and downstream studies led by EuroConsultants Romania, through sharing best practices for more sustainable agriculture across Romania.

Key persons involved

  • Arnaud Charmetand
  • Anca Moiceanu
  • Daniela Poșcaș
  • Sebastien Record
  • Patrick Valmary