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ACTA - The Agricultural Technical Institutes, France

ACTA federates 15 technical agricultural institutes (ITA) and advocates them with professional authorities at a national and European level. The ITAs, created and managed by farmers, represent the applied research unit of the French agricultural research and development system. The aim is a direct application of research results, improvement of farm competitiveness and the adaption of production systems according to society’s expectations.

ACTA carries out research on transversal and cross-cutting themes, such as innovative cropping systems, fertilization and environment, energy management, modelling and modern communication techniques. At the interface between farmers’ needs and academic research, it provides strong technical support in the animal and plant supply chain, playing major roles in S&T watch, experimentation, knowledge assembly, dissemination as well as training and support to public policies.

Role in the project

ACTA will participate in work packages 4 and 6, and will manage the ITA activities. ARVALIS, ITB and Terres Inovia will be third parties of ACTA, in work packages 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7. 

Key persons involved

  • Adrien Guichaoua
  • Pauline Bodin
  • Emeric Emonet

Third parties


Terres Inovia

ITB - Sugar Beet Technical Institute