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Agrosolutions - InVivo, France

Leading a French agricultural cooperative group, InVivo is organized around five fields of expertise: Agriculture, Animal Nutrition and Health, Retail, Wine and Food & Tech.

As expert and consultant in agro-ecology, InVivo’s daughter company Agrosolutions employs 45 expert engineers. It provides cooperatives and other agricultural players with solutions aiming at improving both yields and the environmental performance of agriculture. For securing, developing and realizing the full agri-environmental potential of agriculture, Agrosolutions develops a network of agronomic knowledge and innovation via its partnerships with InVivo’s member cooperatives. All its activities are based on its deep knowledge of agricultural practices and agrosystems, the experimentations and field tests it conducts and the strong agricultural skills, network and expertise of its own team and of the whole InVivo Group.

Role in the project

Agrosolutions will be involved in work packages 2, 4, 5 and 6. For some of these tasks Agrosolutions will work in association with some of InVivo’s member cooperatives.

Key persons involved

  • Antoine Poupart
  • Céline Denieul
  • Jeanne Hameau
  • Dr. Nicolas Urruty