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APCA - French Chambers of Agriculture, France

The French Chambers of Agriculture (APCA) are self-governing public bodies, managed by elected farmers at a national, regional and local level. Their role is to represent farmers to public authorities and to provide services to farmers and other rural stakeholders. These services include technical advice, training, coordinating groups of farmers, experimentation and demonstration, producing technical and economic references.

Role in the project

APCA will act as co-leader of work package 6 and will  be mainly involved in national and European networking and dissemination activities in work packages 6 and 7, while three regional Chambers of Agriculture (Arvalis, Terres Innovia, ITB) will be involved as third parties in work package 2 (three case studies), work packge 3 (one or two experiments), work packages 6 and 7. They will also provide inputs in work packlage 1.

Key persons involved

  • Sylvain Sturel, Co-leader work package 6, leader tasks 6.2 and 6.3
  • Vincent Bochu
  • Janick Huet
  • Gael Ponsardin
  • Aline Vandewalle

Third parties

CRA Occitanie


CRA Grand Est

CRA Pays de la Loire

Link The French Chambers of Agriculture for the farmers and the rural world